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About DataComuniqué

DataComuniqué is a print management company. We offer the full range of print services, so whatever your printing requirements we can help. We wanted to be a ‘one stop shop’ for our clients – to take the hassle out of sourcing your printed products so you can sit back, relax and crack on with what you do best – and for us to do what we do best – PRINT – we simply love print!!

Whether you’re wanting a 50,000 run of a corporate brochure to 50 invites for your Dads’ 60th – we will sort it!! No job is to small and no job is a problem. We work with a hand full of exceptional printers who know what we want and know how high to jump when we need them too.

We are a friendly, down-to-earth business offering a dedicated one to one service to our clients. Working with us is like having your very own in-house printer. Whatever your budget, we pride ourselves in giving a close personal service that delivers far reaching results.

About Licia Graves

“I started working in print after moving to London to be a ‘rock star’ – I thought the streets were paved with gold, I soon realised that they are indeed paved in pigeon poo and expensive chewing gum!

The rent needed to be paid so I got a job selling digital print for a small company in the city – after 2 years I was making them loads of dosh only to realise I wasn’t... hence why DataComuniqué was born. In 2006 I literally jumped ship and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I wanted to own a company that offered our clients the full she-bang so to speak, to be a print umberella... for our clients to never have to worry or stress about their print requirements and we have succeeded! I feel lucky to have the army of suppliers that we work with, a great team and fabulous clients!”