It all started in 2007. Today we offer the full range of print services, so whatever your printing requirements we can help.

DataComuniqué is a print management company. We offer the full range of printing services plus distribution and graphic design. So whatever your requirements we can help. We wanted to be a ‘one stop shop’ for our clients to take the hassle out of sourcing your printed products so you can sit back, relax and crack on with what you do best, and for us to do what we do best – PRINT – we simply love print!!


Taking the hassle out of all your printing needs

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Licia Graves

I started my career in print back in 2007, as my rock star life was coming to an end, I worked at a small digital printers in Shoreditch London. After realising it wasn’t rocket science and fed up of lining the pockets of my boss I decided it was time to jump ship, go it alone and to create a ‘we take the hassle out of all your printing needs’ company – DataComuniqué was born!

We are specialist in print management – we are an umbrella of all things printed – we know our clients can come to us with any project with however many variables and we deliver.

Time waits for no man and nor should our clients – I pride myself and take passion in what I do.  I make sure my clients get an instant response to any enquiry so they know  we’ve got their request, our quotes are back with our clients within 24 hours – we do not leave our clients hanging!

I’m passionate about service, in all aspects of life, whether it’s being served a cup of coffee or buying a loaf of bread… I believe in standards and my clients receive the best of the best and quite rightly so – we are a serviced industry so rely on repeat work from our clients – you’re only as good as your last job so we make sure every job is on point and when our clients say jump… We ask how high – it has to be this way!

I call a spade a spade and I’m a great believer in where there’s a will there’s a way – I will do whatever is needed and I will bend over backwards to ensure my clients are happy and are receiving the product they expect.



From short runs of embossed invitations to 100k leaflets, copying and printing a huge nautical map to creating a glossy marketing brochure. DataComuniqué deliver great results at the best prices.

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We are not a glum lot at DataComuniqué and our enthusiasm for life equals our passion for print and delivering a high quality product that doesn’t break the bank!



Think about your print and digital design, brand identity, visual message and website builds… we give you the edge.



The truth of how our services can benefit you are in the words of what our clients say. Read our testimonials here.